10 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Why do your social media marketing activities fail and not get you the desired conversions in your business?
  • Why do some Facebook and Twitter pages are very popular compared to others?
  • Why are your competitors doing much better than you in social media marketing?

1# Dismissing The Thought That Social Media Is Ineffective:

2# Not Having Any Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • Marketing Objective
  • Target audience demographics
  • Tactics to enhance your social media reach
  • A smart investment to save time and efforts

3# Tracking The Wrong KPIs:

4# Not Dealing With Negative Feedbacks:

5# Thinking All Social Media Are Same:

6# Not Engaging With Followers/Customers:

7# Targeting The Wrong Audience:

8# Not Being Regular With Posting:

9# Making It All About You Only:

10# Not Having A Social Media Policy:

The Takeaway:



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