10 Most Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Nina Kozłowska
8 min readJul 21, 2020


We often hear people say that social media marketing doesn’t work anymore. But is it really so? There are tons of examples that will prove them wrong. If you are not getting success, it only means that you are not doing it in the right way.

In fact, social media still has the potential to build you the brand community, get you better customer engagement, and skyrocket ROI in your business.

Today you can find the whole world on social media, and that gives you tremendous opportunity to get exposure for your brand. That is the reason why so many companies put their time, money, and efforts to enhance their brand reach on social media. But to attain success, they need to avoid committing some most common social media marketing mistakes.

Being a social media marketer, you may have a few questions in your mind.

  • Why do your social media marketing activities fail and not get you the desired conversions in your business?
  • Why do some Facebook and Twitter pages are very popular compared to others?
  • Why are your competitors doing much better than you in social media marketing?

In case you are also facing similar issues, then it means that you are making mistakes in your social media marketing strategies.

Don’t worry. Everybody makes mistakes, but eventually, you need to learn from those mistakes and improve yourself to avoid repeating them again.

So, here we are showing you some most common social media marketing mistakes that marketers often do.

1# Dismissing The Thought That Social Media Is Ineffective:

First, you need to remove the thoughts from your mind that social media won’t work for your industry. There is some common misconception between marketers that social media isn’t their cup of tea. And only tech-savvy and young creators can be successful on social media. But that’s not true.

Nowadays, people from all demographics are active on social media. People from different age groups are creating their content on social media channels, and they are able to enhance their reach with the audience. In fact, if you see Facebook, more than 60% of senior-aged people are active on Facebook.

Similarly, on Twitter, most of the audiences are around the mid-age category 30–49 years. So, there are different age groups of people to target on social media platforms. While the success of your social media marketing mainly depends on the planning and strategy. Without a proper plan, you can’t be able to accomplish the desired results from your social media marketing efforts.

2# Not Having Any Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Most of the emerging brands and creators often face failures on social media. And the reason behind that is because they didn’t make their approach with a solid social media marketing strategy. That is not only the case with you, but many companies are also trying their best to seek attention on social media. And with so much competition, you need to come up with an effective strategy, which perfectly suits your brand.

Otherwise, after making a super launch on social media, your social media page would become barren without effective content, and your followers will leave you. In the end, your social media presence would decline to make it a flop show.

To create a good social media marketing strategy, you need to keep four things in your mind.

  • Marketing Objective
  • Target audience demographics
  • Tactics to enhance your social media reach
  • A smart investment to save time and efforts

Seriously saying social media might take a lot of time and effort before giving any result. So we would suggest you create a long term plan and stick to it till the end. Set the goals that you are expecting to achieve and target the audience who takes an interest in your business.

Try to enhance your reach with audiences to gain more and more followers on social media. Doing all these things would take your time, money, and effort. While you can also utilize a smart social media management tool like Socinator using which you can automate social media activities to save your time and efforts.

3# Tracking The Wrong KPIs:

Measuring the key performance indicators of social media marketing is very important, but many times marketers fall into the trap of vanity metrics. Usually, marketers check their follower’s counts on social media. While they don’t give much attention to the clicks and conversions that they are getting on social media.

Ultimately they won’t be able to grasp how social media is having an impact on their business. It’s good that you are keeping track of your followers on social media. But you should also make sure to measure the impact of social media marketing efforts on your business.

If it is helping you to gain more sales conversions for your business, then it is good to continue. Otherwise, you have to make some changes in your marketing strategy so that you can bring more clicks and conversion form your social media campaigns.

4# Not Dealing With Negative Feedbacks:

Most of the brands make this mistake, and they try to avoid dealing with negative feedback on social media. Everyone fears that negative feedback will spoil their brand’s reputation. It is true, but instead of ignoring such comments, you can thank them for noticing the problem and try to provide them with the best solution.

Eventually, you will find a positive change in the behavior of your audience. People who weren’t happy with your products or services earlier would change their views about your brand. And they would start to like your brand by giving a positive review on social media.

And to achieve that, you need to satisfy the needs of your users. If you could win their trust, and it would help you to attract more and more conversions for your business.

5# Thinking All Social Media Are Same:

That is where most of the marketers make mistakes, thinking that all social media platforms work the same. They create a single content and post it on all social media platforms.

All social media platforms are quite different. They have different algorithms, strengths, and features. And not only that on different social media platforms, but you will also find audiences with different age groups, gender, behavior, and interests. So you can’t be sure that your content is targeting the right audience to get better social media engagement for your brand.

For example, on Facebook, you have a wide range of audiences where you can post and share your stuff easily. Whereas if you check Pinterest, most of the audiences are female.

So, while publishing your content on different social media platforms, you should consider all these factors and optimize your content according to the platform. That would help you to get a better response from your audience on social media platforms.

6# Not Engaging With Followers/Customers:

How much are you engaging with your audiences on social media? If you are not, then it’s one of the social media marketing mistakes that you are committing. When a brand replies to the comments of their audience, it would help them to increase their engagement. The more you respond to your audience, the more will be your audience engagement. And it would also increase the chances of getting more clicks and conversions to your social media campaign.

7# Targeting The Wrong Audience:

Social media can help you to connect with people that fit the buyer persona, which you want to target. However, most of the social media marketers can’t be able to find their target audience. And that’s the reason why they get disappointed after making so many efforts on social media.

The best way to find and reach out to your target audience is by analyzing the audience that your competitors are targeting on social media. Even if you are facing trouble finding the right audience to target your social media campaigns, don’t worry. There are powerful ad analytic tools available in the market like PowerAdSpy, using which you can do a thorough study to check the social marketing performance of your competitors.

You can learn about their target audience while it will also help you to check the engagement and conversions on their posts. It would also help you to search for the contents that are popular in the trend so that you can also implement the same in your social media marketing strategy. And it might help you to drive more traffic and sales conversions to your business.

8# Not Being Regular With Posting:

So now you are doing all the things right. But even then what can be the reason that your posts aren’t getting many views and likes. And the reason behind that may be because you are not being consistent with posting on social media.

Once you have started getting followers, you would be getting more audience engagement. However, that engagement would eventually go down if you won’t be regular with publishing your content on social media.

In case you won’t have enough time to manage your social media posting activities, then you can also invest in social media automation tools like Socinator. It would help you to automate posting and other social media activities so that you can save your time and efforts to deliver more amazing posts to your audience.

9# Making It All About You Only:

Initially, talking about yourself might help you to catch the audience’s attention. But as time passes by, you would feel that audiences are losing their interest in your content.

Many brands make the same mistake on social media, and they only publish content about their events, their new product launch, their products, etc. However, most of the people don’t care about all such things unless and until it would benefit them in some or other way.

To grab the attention of the audience, you need to tell them what they want to hear. The content should be according to the interest of your target audience.

So make sure that your content strategy is not all about you only while it’s about the audience you want to target.

10# Not Having A Social Media Policy:

To be a successful brand on social media platforms, you have to be careful about not crossing the borderline that could result in public embarrassment. If you are not managing all social activities by yourself, please make sure that your social media marketing team is following all the policy-related guidelines showing what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable.

For example, content that promotes racist thoughts, offensive and aggressive stuff shouldn’t be allowed. And make sure that your marketing team is also following the policy and adhere to it.

The Takeaway:

Here is the takeaway- in social media marketing, there are many things that you need to do to accomplish great success for your brand. It’s all about how you target your approach to reach the goal in the end. If your approach is right, you are going to claim success.

So, to all social media marketers, I would suggest them to make their goals clear and strategize their marketing efforts so that it could bring more value to their customers.

Hope you really like this article and gain some useful information from it. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Originally published at https://rocketlink.io on July 21, 2020.