3 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Revenue

Shorten the customer journey thanks to the principle of least effort

  • unintuitive searching options
  • unclear CTAs
  • slow-loading website
  • illegible text (for example, too “fancy” font)
  • not mobile-friendly website
  • a long waiting time when it comes to customer support
  • too complex check out
  • many pop-ups and other distractors
  • an impression that a product seems difficult to use
  • misleading ad (for example, when you don’t direct to the advertised product but to your home page instead)
  • too long product description
  • unclear shipment details

Build trust with storytelling

  • Tell the story of your brand — how did you come up with the idea, and what are your values?
  • Tell the story of your products — what problems are they solving?
  • Tell the story of the manufacturing process — what materials do you use and why?
  • Tell the story of your CSR — how do you make the world a better place?
  • Tell the stories of your customers — let them be your advocates.

Create a sense of urgency using fear of missing out (FOMO)

  • add a counter on the website informing how many people became your customers
  • organize flash sales or deal-of-the-day
  • inform how many visitors are browsing the same product or the category of products right now
  • add a count-down while running a time-limited promotion
  • create limited editions
  • distribute promo codes only to the limited number of consumers
  • organize a free shipping week



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