Best sales prospecting methods revealed

What is sales prospecting?

The best sales prospecting methods

#1 Calling

  • Invest in a proper solution. CloudTalk is designed to handle more inbound and outbound calls, so that the sales reps have more time to close deals. Not to mention that it can integrate easily with plenty of CRM systems (and other tools, for that matter).
  • Do your research on the interlocutors. Even with a little help of the Internet, you can easily find the basics about their potential needs and solutions they might’ve used.
  • Make your calls warm, not cold. Once again, you can use the basic information about your interlocutors to establish a rapport with them. This can help you increase your chances of a warmer reception. What also helps immensely is to get introduced by a shared connection, or interact with them via social media beforehand (which we’re going to cover later).
  • Have a script handy. Cold calling scripts are especially useful for new sales reps in the team, but they can genuinely work wonders — if you create them properly, that is. Here’s how to create the best cold calling script.

#2 Emailing

  • Don’t try to sell immediately. Instead, focus on building relationships and figuring out how much time and effort might be needed to convince a certain lead to buy from you. If you start selling too quickly, you can easily discourage them from the start.
  • Don’t forget to follow up. Always keep your prospects informed, every step of the way. This will help you maintain relationships with them, and seal the deal eventually.
  • Use visuals, videos, and other “non-standard” elements to make your emails stand out. You can use them to add value to your email communication, simply by providing additional content or recapping what’s important or agreed on.

#3 Social media

  • It might not seem like it at first, but Facebook groups are a great place for sharing knowledge and promoting your products or services in a non-pushy manner. The only thing you have to do is to provide value to the group first before you start pitching your offer.
  • Use social media monitoring to find your prospects. Identify keywords, including the name of your business, that indicates potential issues that your products or services can solve. Once you find them (which you can easily do with dedicated tools, such as BrandMentions), you should offer advice and, for example, share relevant content from your site.
  • Consider hosting a webinar. Webinars (or any other lead magnets that provide value, for that matter) are great for attracting prospects. Apart from actually getting emails in exchange for the link to the webinar, you can also use polls in the meantime to see how much is your audience interested in the topic and take your sales prospecting efforts from there.

#4 Conferences, meetups, and other events

  • Check what events your target audience attends. Ideally, there should also be a networking session planned, where you can pitch your products and services freely.
  • Give out business cards, email addresses, or LinkedIn profiles. The more contacts you make, the bigger the chances of actually winning some prospects here and there.

Leverage as many sales prospecting methods as possible



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