Complete Call Center Software Buyer’s Guide

Yet, when you are about to make the decision, you can easily get overwhelmed with all the options. That is why we prepared a guide to help you in the process.

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What is a call center technology, and what’s in it for you?

Well, these days are over. Today’s call center solutions completely transformed modern contact centers.

We put together downloadable step-by-step buyer’s guide on how to choose the best call center software in 2020.

These days, call center software lets you get in touch with your customers, prospective clients, suppliers, and business partners. In fact, you can find complete call solutions suitable for any needs: from a small business to a global corporation.

As a result, these solutions can serve several purposes: from offering customer support to getting new leads, offering telesales, conducting surveys, or collecting receivables. Whichever types of calls flow through your business, they can easily be managed with a call center technology.

Why should you use a call center software?

Cloud-based service

The second is safety. As you deal with a lot of sensitive data, your cloud-based call center software should be secure. Check what kind of protocols, compliance, and system maintenance they have. When you use a secure cloud, you can meet higher security standards.

Improved quality

Choose a tool that integrates with other services that you use. That is how, during the call, you can preview data from your CRM or the history of the previous contact and give a more personal touch.

Productivity boost

When you choose a call center technology that allows you to automate those processes and integrate your software, you can invest your time in actions that bring value.

Cost reduction

How to choose between call center solutions, then?

First, think about what your specific needs are. Will you be using your call center software for sales or customer service? How big is your team, exactly? What is your budget? And your main area of operations? Those and similar questions will help you in narrowing down the essential qualities.

Now, when you have clear what you need, let’s talk about what to look for in call center software:

Call quality and uptim

Call center features

When you focus mostly on outbound calling, Smart Dialer will save your agents hassle connected with typing manually each number. These are just a few examples — the specific call center features should always depend on the needs and specificity of your business.



Call center software pricing plans

Also, focus on flexible call center software pricing plans and check whether there’s an option to upgrade or downgrade your plan. After all, you want your call center technology to respond to your needs, and they may change over time.

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Cloud call center comparison

When comparing call center providers and their price lists, don’t forget to check user reviews. You will find them on platforms like G2 and Capterra, together with ratings. You can filter the options considering the call center software pricing, features, number of users, or deployment.

Let’s take a look at the table where we present the five most popular call center software pricing, features, and reliability comparison.

What will you find in our Buyer’s guide? As you can see, the call center solutions vary. Some specialize in covering certain needs, like the US area calls, and others are more flexible.

So, you have reached that point in the article, and still, need some more information? We’ve got you covered. All of the points mentioned above are described in detail in our ebook: the Complete Call Center Software Buyer’s Guide.

You will find there more details on the use cases of cloud call center tools, the process of choosing the right match, switching to another solution, and the next steps after implementation. In short: all the information you need to make the right choice.

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