Email Marketing: Avoid Being Blacklisted With RocketLink

Nina Kozłowska
4 min readJun 28, 2020

Businesses around the world are using email marketing to promote their offers and communicate with prospects and customers. Email marketing is one of the main marketing channels and can be effective. Nevertheless, many business owners and marketers struggle with being blacklisted. In the following article, we’ll explain this issue and suggest a solution. Keep on reading to find out more!

What are blacklisted URL shorteners?

Some brands abuse email marketing and send too many messages, which can be annoying for recipients. Blacklists are intended to protect against malicious or harmful content. Therefore, users won’t receive unwanted emails. Even though you might be very careful not to abuse any rules, your content might still end up in spam.

The reason might be that the link shortener that you’re using to create URLs for your newsletters, can be blacklisted. In such a case, regardless of the content, your shorten links will be identified as harmful.

According to SURBL, currently, among the most abused URL shorteners, we can list the following domains:

How to run an effective email campaign with RocketLink?

To avoid getting blacklisted you should use shorteners that are trustworthy. One of them is RocketLink. It’s safe to use shortened URLs created in RocketLink because its domain isn’t blacklisted. It’s easy-to-use and intuitive. With just a few clicks you can shorten your links and avoid being blacklisted in your email campaigns.

Via RocketLink, you can shorten your links as well as add retargeting pixels to them. By tracking who clicked your links in emails, you can retarget further social media campaigns to your precise target group. Such a method can perfectly fit in your marketing funnel, as you’ll only reach people interested in certain content.

While running email marketing campaigns and using shorten links, you can do so much more! RocketLink enables adding call-to-actions to your links. That way, you can drive traffic to specific blog posts or products. Remember to add appealing CTAs and link to relevant content, and therefore, engage your visitors.

How about conversational commerce? In RocketLink you can embed a chat box to your links. You can reach your customers in real-time when they’re actually reading your message and viewing your website. Live chat creates an amazing opportunity for companies. Customers might need a piece of advice when it comes to choosing a product or simply have other questions about your brand. Being open to a conversation is vital for meeting customers expectations nowadays.

RocketLink enables adding many widgets to your links. One of the most interesting is a pop-up. For example, you can add a pop-up to your links used in email marketing campaigns and distribute promo-codes. The advantage is that you’ll give promo codes only to recipients of your messages. That way, you can reward your existing customers or newsletter subscribers. Be creative! You can also embed a video to promote your new products or services.

Shortening links have many advantages. One of them is the ability to track your links. You can add UTM parameters to the links you share, yet you can still keep them short and esthetic. Create, edit, and manage your links in RocketLink to have control over shared URLs. Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake and used the wrong link in your newsletter — you can edit your link with no fuss.

Another idea is to use a custom domain. In RocketLink you can create multiple domains for many purposes. Using your own domain in email marketing can increase trust and improve CTR. You can still take advantage of the superpowers provided by RocketLink. That way you can make the most of custom domains and use retargeting pixels, CTAs, pop-ups, and other widgets.

To make the most of your email campaigns you should pay attention to details. Avoid getting blacklisted with RocketLink and improve your performance.

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