Facebook custom audience all you need to know

What is a Facebook Custom Audience?

  • Website traffic: you can create an audience with users who have visited your site by adding the Facebook pixel to your site. It works as far back as 180 days.
  • Customer list: when Facebook launched Custom Audiences, it was the first option that existed. You can upload a CSV or TXT file. It may contain customer email addresses, phone numbers, and many other IDs to match it with Facebook users.
  • Mobile App activity: you have so much power if your mobile app is integrated with the Facebook SDK. You can target your ads to users who have (or have not) taken key actions in your app. For example, people who installed your app but haven’t opened it last month.
  • Offline Activity: as the headline says — you can also create an audience of anyone who has taken action offline (as far back as 720 days). By offline actions, we mean, for example, purchasing in-store. Upload this list to Facebook and then target people who match the list on Facebook with ads.
  • Video: people who watched at least one of your Facebook or Instagram videos.
  • Instagram business profile: users who engaged on your Instagram profile directly or from an ad.
  • Lead form: users of Facebook or Instagram who opened or filled out one of your lead generation ad forms.
  • Events: people who engaged in one of your Facebook Events.
  • Instant Experience: people who opened your Instant Experience on Facebook or Instagram. Instant Experiences (IX) were previously called Canvas ads. IXs are fullscreen experiences that present your products or services after a user clicks on your ads.
  • Facebook Page: Facebook users who have interacted with your Facebook Page or follow it.

How to create a Facebook Custom Audience

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

  1. Click on the Custom Audience name (from Audiences tab) and in the window that appears, choose Actions (top-right) and then select “Create Ad”.
  2. Step back to your Ads Manager tab, after that, click the green plus icon and select button named “Create Campaign”.

Step 6

  • If you choose option number 2 (previous step) and you create a new Campaign from your new Ad Set, please go to the Audience section.
  • Below create a New Audience, or use saved audience look for the Custom Audience you’d like to target.

Website Traffic

Customer List

App Activity

Offline Activity

Facebook sources


PRO TIP: To create more precise Custom Audiences based on web traffic, you can take advantage of URL shorteners like RocketLink, that enables adding pixels to particular links. That way, you can retarget your ad specifically to people who clicked a given link, and therefore, are potentially interested in your offer, product, content.



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