How much does call center software cost?

Factors that influence call center software price

  • The number of users — call center solution providers often specify the number of users that can take advantage of a given tool for a certain price. That’s precisely why it pays off to establish the number of users before you research the available tools. However, don’t worry if you miscalculate it or feel the need to add more users in the future — the majority of call center solutions can easily scale with your team.
  • Available features — even though there are some core call center software features that you’re likely to find in multiple tools, different solutions often mean different features and integrations. Determine your needs and requirements first to pick the tool that can meet your expectations.
  • Additional costs — during research, you might find that many call center tools have additional charges for outbound calls or text messages. Make sure you check the overall call center software pricing thoroughly.
  • Billing method — usually, there are different billing methods available (monthly or annual payments, for example). The longer the “contract”, the lower the price, which is something to keep in mind if you don’t like switching tech tools constantly.
  • Currency — some call center software providers offer their pricing in more currencies, for example in euros and dollars. When checking the call center software price, one option can turn out to be more economical for you than the other only based on the chosen currency.

Ways of establishing call center software pricing

Fixed pricing


A tailor-made plan

Additional costs

Call center software pricing — comparison

#1 CloudTalk

#3 Twilio

#4 NICE inContact

#5 RingCentral

#6 Genesys

#7 Talkdesk

Final thoughts on call center software pricing



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