How to choose a good call center software for your business

You may think that the only duty of a call center is to answer calls. Nothing could be further from the truth! With the right software, call centers are able to do much more than that. Here’s how to choose one for yourself.

Despite the progressing digitization, the telephone is still one of the most frequently chosen communication channels. Its role and available features, though, has also changed over the years.

If you run a call center yourself, you’re probably aware that choosing a reliable phone system provider is crucial for your business. In fact, with the right tools, you can completely transform your call center into a powerful contact hub. It gives you the opportunity to improve your business and achieve better results in the long run — provided that you choose wisely, that is.

How to choose the best call center software for your business?

1. Take a closer look at the available features and test them out.

If you are wondering what are the features of the call center software that you should search for, you might want to take a closer look at call routing first. It gives you the certainty of getting connected to the right person in the right department by your clients. Analytics and reporting features may also be handy when it comes to optimising your efforts and achieving better results. They help measure your efficiency and call quality, and improve some essential elements of the call centre.

Also, don’t forget that mobile phones are everyone’s command centre these days. If your provider offers mobile app support, go for it with no doubt. Actually, there are dedicated call center tools that make it possible to answer your calls anywhere, from any device — including your own mobile. It basically means that your customers can get in touch with you even when they need urgent support.

Speaking of — did you know that CloudTalk offers more than 50 features? Here’s a sneak peek of what we have in store:

  • Personalised greetings and voicemails, which you can listen to anytime and anywhere,
  • Call recording — once you’ve end your call, you can listen and analyse it,
  • International numbers — you can receive calls from around the world without any charges for you or your caller,
  • Number porting — you can make good use of already existing phone numbers — just port them to CloudTalk,
  • Call statistics — you can keep complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place, and make smart decisions based on relevant data.

Basically, no matter what features you wish to take advantage of — make sure you can test them all out during a free trial. They should be easy to set up and use — if they are not, it might mean that you’ve ended up with a call center tool that will do you more harm than good. Make sure it doesn’t happen!

2. Consider tool integration.

Tool integration is the ability to exchange relevant data between your apps and have them synchronised. This, in turn, helps you tap into more features and keep everything in one place. In this case, a call center software, which is able to support your customers through other channels too (eg. via email or social media), may be handy. If it sounds like something that might interest you — check out how well the chosen software would integrate with your other communication channels.

Not to brag about it, but CloudTalk has more than 25 integrations available — including popular tools such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Intercom, LiveAgent, Zapier and Zendesk.

3. Check how secure the software is.

Nowadays, data security can’t be ignored. One way to ensure the security and privacy of your data is to find a company whose offer is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is important to feel safe about your online activity — especially since many companies have suffered from data breaches. To give you some peace of mind: CloudTalk stores data in modern safe data centers with monitoring 24 hours, 7 days a week. All VoIP services and data are backed-up and encrypted in accordance with the guidelines of the GDPR.

4. Reflect on pricing models and contract terms.

Every call center provider has its own pricing model. It is likely to be determined by the specific features your business needs. Do some research to be sure that you choose the best terms for your business. Then, compare different providers’ offers and choose the most suitable one for you. Take a closer look at different features that are included in every package — not every provider offers the same features at a similar price.

CloudTalk, for example, is less expensive compared to other providers, as the pricing starts from 10 EUR per month. It’s also worth keeping in mind that even if one of the CloudTalk’s partners increases prices, it won’t affect what you’re paying — which, yet again, gives you some peace of mind.

5. Make sure that the software is scalable.

If you plan to develop your business further, the software you use should be able to scale with you, enabling you to achieve any of the business goals you might have in the future as well. One way to do this is to be able to easily add and remove agents, essentially having control over their number. You need to know how much configuration is possible to be made without bugging your software provider, and how much technical support you’d actually receive if you ever need it. After all, the aim of any call center software should be to make your life easier, not more difficult.

Our team definitely understands that. In the beginning, you don’t have to choose a big package to use all the features. Flexible pricing and ‘pay as you go’ model gives you an opportunity to upscale and downscale any time you want or need to.

Choose the best call center software for your business

Choosing a call centre provider is definitely not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, with all the tips above, we should’ve made your choice easier. Don’t forget to do your research and consider all your needs. The key is to choose the most powerful and secure tool, that also offers suitable price terms. Compare the providers and take into consideration all the pros and cons — there is a big decision ahead of you!

To make your choice even more straightforward: CloudTalk is a perfect example of a solution that meets all above-mentioned requirements. It does not only lets you make & receive all your calls but also gives you some insights on how well your call center is performing. You can also integrate it with many tools that you’re for sure already using — including CRM software, helpdesk tool or live chat. Not to mention that price terms are favourable…. Actually, have we mentioned that there’s a free trial available? Feel free to take advantage of it!

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