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Your to-do list for creating the best social media marketing strategy in 2020

Define your social media marketing goals

  • Increase community engagement — are you wondering how to grab more reactions from your audience? No wonder, after all, over 90% of Millenials are active on social media. There is a big space for action. What you need to do is focus on content. Create some tests, surveys, giveaways. Maybe a dedicated hashtag? It’s all up to you.
  • Generate leads and sales — leads and sales are a clue to business online. Using social media should help generate more. Maybe you should start sending push notifications or e-mails about promos?
  • Increase brand awareness — to build a strong brand, your communication with the audience should be authentic. Avoid overly promotional and business-like language. Emphasize all your values and uniqueness.

Research your competitors

Learn more about your target group

  • high-educated specialists will appreciate LinkedIn ads. They spend more time here than on Facebook or Twitter;
  • on Pinterest, you might find mostly women — so if they are your target then you know what to do;
  • Millennials are more familiar with Instagram than anybody else — so in case they are your target, Instagram ads here you come.

Establish your content strategy.

  • Stick to the theme — the whole feed will look aesthetically pleasing and consistent. What’s more, people will go back to your profile because they know what to expect. If consistency is not one of your strong suits, use a dedicated tool to plan each post in advance.
  • Interactive content — surveys or quizzes are more responsive than just questions. Never lose an opportunity to interact with your followers. It is the best thing that you can do on social media — to make them social.
  • Surprisingly, FOMO (fear of missing out) can be helpful with social media. Instagram stories are available for only 24 hours. If a follower doesn’t visit your profile, they won’t see your stories — this is an example of a simple dependency, a classic case of FOMO, and a great way to increase traffic.

Create a timeline



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