How to Manage Links With Rocketlink

Every brand uses links for many purposes. Links are essential in newsletters, social media communication, ad campaigns, offers, and other digital materials. URLs can also be used as QR codes in offline campaigns. In the following article, we’ll explain why you need to manage your links and how to do it efficiently with RocketLink. Read on!

What is link management?

A link management tool comes in handy while running any campaign and activity online. Thanks to solutions such as RocketLink, business owners, and marketers can keep an eye on online performance and secure their data.

RocketLink in a URL shortener that enables users to add retargeting pixels, CTAs, widgets to their links, as well as manage links in one place.

Manage multiple domains

Another idea is to create domain name extensions dedicated to specific campaigns or competitions. You can be really creative and use this feature in many ways — depending on your business preferences. In the dashboard, you can manage domains and filter your links by the domain names. The most significant benefit is that your marketing team can be independent when it comes to managing links and domains. There’s no need to involve overload IT department is such processes.

RocketLink’s Galaxy plan provides 50 domains, but if you need more you can contact us and we’ll create a custom plan tailored to your needs.

Use link management to measure performance

Furthermore, you can find out more information about your target group and people who actually click your links. So that you can create better marketing strategies in the future.

Own your links

In addition, if you’re using third-party domains, such as or everyone can check out the data of your links. Once you’re using RocketLink, your data are safe and only you can access the details of your links’ performance.

The ability to manage and change your links creates more opportunities as well. By using custom domains and having control over your URLs you can edit links and their destination at any time. Such a feature can be extremely helpful when it comes to human errors. For example, in your email campaigns, you don’t have to send an extra message with the right link, but you can change the destination without pointing out your mistakes. In other cases, you might simply need to update the content and link to the most relevant website.

Boost collaboration with link management

Additionally, your coworkers can get familiar with the performance of the links and make data-driven decisions about future campaigns.

Make the most of you links

It’s time to take advantage of available solutions and manage links effectively. If you have any questions about RocketLink’s features — reach out to us!

Originally published at on June 27, 2020.

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