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Influencer marketing has become a trendy phrase. But what stands behind it? Everybody knows who an influencer is — a popular person with thousands or even millions of followers on social media. To use this popularity to your advantage, you need to follow some rules and guidelines. As influencer marketing has become increasingly popular, every new business is willing to start their marketing actions by cooperating with social media stars. This is not necessarily the best course of action. Influencer marketing can be a little dangerous if it is not used wisely. In this article, we will cover the most common mistakes and highlight the best road to take.

What problems might you face in terms of influencer marketing?

A lack of promotion or communication

Wrong choice of influencers

It is also essential in terms of increasing brand awareness to remember who your target is and what kind of business you run. For a shop in a small town, choosing a “big influencer” who doesn’t even know that said town exists wouldn’t be the right solution. Don’t you think that consumers there would appreciate a more local influencer, who knows the city inside out? We are sure about it.

How to choose the right influencer?

  • Start looking for an influencer in their natural habitat, which means on social media. Take a closer look at their feed. Check out what products they promoted lately (were they from your competitors?), does their feed involve many promotional posts, and do they promote similar values to yours (e.g. healthy lifestyles)? Social media influencers are often an open book; all you need to know about them is right there on their feed.
  • Numbers are significant, check statistics — reach within your target group, engagement rates and the engagement loop (does the influencer encourage their followers to join in with further discussion?)
  • The influencer has to reach the proper target audience, otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense to collaborate with them. Don’t buy a pig in a poke, do some research before putting money on the table.
  • Location is such an essential factor. Delivery of your products takes time and money. The further an influencer lives away from you, the more money and time it may take to get things done. Moreover, for local businesses, local influencers can hit the bull’s eye.
  • Draw your attention to language and the way the influencer communicates with their followers. Do they use harsh language and post controversial content? Are they able to bond with their audience? Look closer to the aesthetics of their account. It should be in sync with yours if you want them to also reach your target audience.
  • One of the criterions for choosing an influencer should be publicity. Is personal branding important? Are their communities developed? Cast a glimpse over all of their social media accounts and their performance. If you find influencers who seem like the epitome of your brand, you will be onto a winner.

If you have answered all of the questions above, then you are ready to choose a successful influencer. To help them meet your needs, you can create some blurbs, note a “to-do list”, and share your ideas. Brands don’t always do this, and so not every influencer marketing campaign ends how they imagined. It can be very profitable to help the influencer with understanding your products and creating more engaging content.

How can RocketLink boost influencer marketing?

Can influencer marketing be effective? Of course! Is it for every business? It certainly could be, if companies know how to do it properly. It takes some time to learn how to make a successful influencer marketing campaign. With our guidelines, you have some of the basics to get started.

Originally published at on February 21, 2020.

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