The HR trends for 2021: experts’ insights and tips

Every year brings different challenges, but the year 2020 certainly brought many more difficulties than the last couple of years. Due to the pandemic, all kinds of industries, including HR, change diametrically. Employees, employers, and recruiters experience some disruptions as well as opportunities. We’ve collected opinions from experts from all over the world on HR trends, challenges, and tips for 2021 so that you can prepare an up-to-date strategy for the next year. Let’s dig in!

Hybrid working

With everything from the weekly staff meeting to the holiday party; how do you engage remote workers as well as the physical workforce? Many teachers have struggled with this over recent months. Does your company need new flexible work policies, new systems, and video conferencing technology, additional training for managers of hybrid teams, etc.?

That is one trend to watch out for, but there are many more. HR professionals are increasingly finding a seat at the table with C-suite decision-makers, as a result of COVID-19. It is a very exciting time to work in HR.

Samantha Roberts, Talent Associate at Global Health Strategies

HR trends on relationships in the company

Be compassionate

Invest in software solutions

Safety is the most important

Online recruitment and onboarding as one of the major HR trends

Universal “family crisis” benefits as an HR trend

They’re easy to implement

Family health is mental health

New technology makes it easy

Creating diverse teams as an HR trend for 2021

HR trends: longer retention of employees

This trend has interesting implications for HR and managers. If you know that you will work with someone for 30 years instead of three, then you approach it differently. We will see correlated increases in investing in employees’ productivity, training and development, happiness and engagement, and more.

HR Tech will completely take a new shape

The era of Artificial Intelligence

Robotic Process Automation

Work-life balance as one of the strongest HR trends in 2021

Gender Equality, Women empowerment, and workplace safety

HR trends: be unique, and be honest

Too many candidates

Key takeaways on HR trends for 2021

Experts notice that employers should take care of employees’ wellbeing and ensure a healthy environment, as well as support their families. The pandemic showed us how important a company’s approach to workers’ private life is. Enhancing relationships and transparency in the workplace will help you create a friendly atmosphere and build trust.

We hope that now you know what are the HR trends for 2021 and with the insights presented above you can improve candidate experience and employee satisfaction. Good luck!

Originally published at on December 11, 2020.

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