The Most Comprehensive Comparison of Helpdesk Software for 2020

Choosing the best helpdesk software for your needs

1. Take a closer look at the available features.

2. See whether it can be integrated with the tools you already have in place.

3. Check how secure the tool is.

4. See the pricing and contract terms.

5. Consider testing out at least a few alternatives.

Helpdesk software you might want to consider in 2020 (sorted alphabetically)

1. AzureDesk

2. Dixa

3. Freshdesk

4. Front

5. HappyFox

6. Help Scout

7. Hiver

8. Insided

9. Intercom

10. Kustomer

11. LiveAgent

12. Zendesk Support

Helpdesk Software that integrates with CloudTalk

  • Zendesk — CloudTalk + Zendesk integration will help you deliver the highest level of customer care. This integration reduces wasted employees’ time on unnecessary tasks, so they have more time to take care of your customers.
  • Freshdesk — All customer-related data from both systems can be automatically synchronized and always up-to-date. Caller’s details before picking up the call, click to call feature, sync is done for deals, 2-way sync, tickets and contacts, etc.
  • - Integration and synchronization with CloudTalk is a perfect solution for customer support management. Your data will always be up-to-date, which means your agents can provide callers with a better experience (Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings, Tags).
  • LiveAgent — CloudTalk + LiveAgent integration allows you to get information on caller tickets and see recent call history directly in LiveAgent.
  • Intercom — Seamless integration with CloudTalk Live allows you to switch from a chat to a call and back without ever leaving your Intercom Messenger interface.
  • Front — Integrate CloudTalk with your Front helpdesk software and streamline communication between you and your customers thanks to advanced call routing, IVR, click to call or many other features.
  • Kustomer — CloudTalk integration with your Kustomer helpdesk software will give your agents an easy way to communicate with customers and real-time synchronize information between the 2 apps (Calls, Notes, Contacts, Recordings, Tags).
  • or connect with other 1500+ thanks to CloudTalk + Zapier integration.



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